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If you are looking to boost your Rocket League skills or in general get some practice without playing online matches, then the in game training option is perfect for you! Be ready, because these training sessions are sure to put your skills to the test!

Training is an offline game mode that is designed to help players practice and master a few of the most fundamental skills in the game. The training scenarios are essentially all about making contact with the ball but in different starting points and with different targets.

Practicing in training mode is a great way to get better quickly when starting out playing Rocket League, and coming back to practice the harder training levels can also help break through and maintain higher skill levels.

Ultimate Video Guide to Rocket League:

NBA 2K20 Training:

If you are new to the game, or are just looking for some good practice then the best route to go is using the in game training feature that is called “2KU.” This mode will help you familiarize yourself with the controls for the game and put you through different drills, and with that has 5 different types of training which are detailed below:

  • Training Game – This is the best mode to begin, it offers a range of tutorials, including shooting, dribbling and passing, etc. This gives players the opportunity to hit the gym and learn each of the basic skills with no competition.
  • Freestyle – This mode sticks players in the court to practice those moves that you have honed. You can also learn your Hot Zones in the freestyle court, which will teach you which players shoot best from where.
  • Scrimmage – This is the first mode where you will come up against an opposition, playing in a traditional 5v5 format. Losing in scrimmage isn’t the worst thing though, it is an opportunity to practice your defending and continue to learn those all important Hot Zones.
  • Practice Plays- This mode gives the user the opportunity to learn preset plays, both on offense and defense. You can also watch the CPU run the plays for you so you can see how it’s done. This is one way to quickly level up your play.
  • Controls and Tips – A full rundown of all of the controls in the game can be found here.

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